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  • javaTraining lecturer zhao

    Hai-yan zhao (Software development trainingjavaProfessional lecturer)

    Record of formal schooling:Graduated from lanzhou university of finance and economics information management and information technology

    Experience:Large enterprise software development engineers for many years experience,KnowledgeITPractice of software development and trainingjavaThree years of training teaching

  • Network engineer training teacher li

    Li Chaoguo (Network engineer training professional lecturer)

    Record of formal schooling:Huazhong university of science and technology, computer information management professional

    Experience:Ping an bank network engineer project implementation experience in three years,KnowledgeITFour years training network engineer training

  • Network engineer training to the teacher

    To Long Lin (Network engineer training professional lecturer)

    Record of formal schooling:Hunan agricultural university

    Experience:Huawei network technology project director;KnowledgeITTraining network engineer training and teachingITTraining for four years

  • javaTraining teachers

    Dragon into (javaTraining professional lecturer)

    Record of formal schooling:Chengdu information engineering university

    Experience:Soft international for three yearsJavaDevelopment;KnowledgeITPractical trainingJavaTraining for two years

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  • Y69 Network operations engineer classAmateur classReZhao
  • T70 Network operations engineer classFull-time classReZhao
  • T71 Software development engineer classFull-time classReZhao
  • T72 Software development engineer classFull-time classReZhao
  • T73 Software testing engineer classFull-time classReZhao
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